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Versatilism, a slow fashion handmade brand by Suha Afreen Iqbal that aims to exude feminine feels, dreamy and imaginative aesthetic gowns, just for you. The color palette is filled with a delightful array dominating mostly of soft, delicate and light-shaded hues of peach, pink, purple and aqua tones. 

Every piece is carefully designed and mindfully made with utmost attention and focus to attain perfection. Each batch of the collection features only a limited number of pieces to avoid waste. 


Versatilism celebrates both diversity in gowns and cultural diversity, offering a range of unique gowns that embrace different styles and influences from around the world.



Vision for the future:

Currently Versatilism is not 100% sustainable. However, the vision of Versatilism moving forward is to prioritize and incorporate more sustainable pieces into the collection making the focus mostly on ethical, eco- friendly and biodegradable fashion choices.

At Versatilism, a part of the earnings from the initial batch will be dedicated to donations.

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